Domain Name Renewal Scams

www image If you have a web address, your domain name is your brand and often your biggest asset.

In a domain name renewal scam you will commonly receive an email from a sender claiming to be a “Domain Name Registrar”. The registrar will then offer you an opportunity to upgrade your website address with the new suffix “.info.”. The email will include a link to allow you to read more information about the upgrade. However when you enter the link, the program functions as if you had agreed to transfer your domain name. The domain name is then transferred to their company as registrar, who can then claim that you requested the transfer.

How does it affect me? Well if your company has a web address, your domain name is your brand and therefore your biggest asset. If you have that stolen, this will ultimately mean no future access for you or your customers – expect a huge loss in revenue before you can get a new one up and running again.

Top tips:

  • When approached by a strange company asking to register your domain, you are usually better off sticking with your existing hosts or website design team. You'll probably get a better price and you'll certainly have greater confidence that your domain is being looked after by someone you trust.
  • Make a note of when your domain names are due for renewal and be suspicious of invoices arriving too early. Poachers typically contact you well in advance.

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