Botnets explained

Most organisations will not understand what Botnets are, or what effects they can have to the state of a business. Make no mistake, the consequences can be disastrous, and because Botnets do not discriminate, every business is vulnerable…

What are they? Put simply, a Botnet is a ‘robot network’ of PCs that has been infected by a virus to execute malicious actions that are unseen and unknown to legitimate users. This process is controlled by the Botnet creator or ‘herder’. Once infected, the Botnet can be used to send huge volumes of spam email or can even use its strength to launch harmful, targeted attacks on other company’s websites.

There are two major types of Botnet attacks businesses must be aware of; Denial of service attack (DoS) and Spam email. The potential knock-on-effects can include slowing your network service down and potential legal ramifications, where you may be liable for any damages an infection causes another organisation's or their customers’ IT infrastructure.

How can I protect my business? Those that are not adequately protected by IT security measures, such as antivirus and firewall software are at the greatest risk of being corralled into a Botnet, so it is vital your business has the necessary security policies in place. It is essential that these solutions are updated regularly; to keep ahead of evolving nature of threats and to ensure your security strategy doesn’t go past its ‘best before’ date.

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